Riva Atelier | Company
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Established in 2010, Rivatelier provides a continuous evolving framework. Behind this sober elengance lies an history of courage, skill and passion for furniture that is world-renowned.

Francesco follows the passion and the tradution of the family that links them to the world of furniture and woodworks. He is constantly researching for new ideas and willing to expand his production in the contemporary market.

Our company is a family business that it is held together by the passion of work and by the research and study of new products. Rivatelier is emerging with innovative products in the contemporary sectior with a great success.

We combine the attention to details with the entire piece; the imagination with the real, the courage with tenacity.

The exclusive use of high-grade solid wood, leather and fine fabrics, the masterful carvings and inlays of the classic Brianza’s cabinetmaking masters, make the Rivatelier’s models an unique and valuable furniture over time.

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