Original shapes, classic lines revisited in modern key, the desire to feel unique, exclusive design and uniquely precious materials find a perfectly balance in Alea collection, to develop the best modern villa interior design.

Tradition and innovation, classic and modern, shapes and designs. Dualisms, often contrasting, today meet to create a new philosophy of furniture with a fundamental aim: to amaze.

The retro lines inspired by the classic add a modern twist, sinuous forms and contemporary materials are enhanced in a perfect balanced mixture. ALEA is born from the most intimate human will: to dare, that is beyond the limits imposed, to create a personal vision of the world, to progress, to renew, to improve.

A constant process, which sets out the laws of our time and rewards the most daring bets. The gamble is the inspiring force that gives courage when you need to go beyond the existing boundaries that encase creativity.

Imagine the Alea collection in a modern designed loft, but also in a luxury palace: this contemporary furniture line will always be perfect for any interior decoration.


Luxury Contemporary Wood Showcase


Luxury Contemporary Wood Dining Table


High-end Furniture

Luxury Wood Showcase
Luxury Wood Dining Table
High end Furniture

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