Atena White

After the success of Ermes Collection, the first collection launched by Rivatelier, the brand has continued to develop new ideas in contemporary furniture design, and has created Atena White Collection, a total white collection whose colour is symbol of pureness, sophistication and elegance.

In all its collections Rivatelier is able to combine attention to detail with vision, imagination with reality with the aim to innovate what already exists and make it luxurious and unique: this is the inspiration behind the Atena White Collection.

The bedroom, in particular, with its beautiful contemporary bed in brilliant white velvet and with a golden profile in the headboard, represents the most elegant choice of modern furniture for a luxury house. The capitonné headboard is recalling classic taste but with a new, contemporary elegance.

The legs of the Atena table feature smooth and graceful shapes with stylish details and gold-finished toe plate.

The enveloping shape of the sideboard enriched with white velvet and a crown golden crown-shaped handle is the perfect element for any furnishing solution.

The precious materials, such as golden brass, precious velvet, and fine onyx marble, make this collection unique in its style and well represent the luxury of the brand Rivatelier, suitable for the best luxury apartments, king mansions and royal villas.


Luxury White Living Room Set


Luxury Dining Table Set


High end Luxury Contemporary Sideboard

Luxury White Living Room Set
Luxury Dining Room Set
High end Luxury Sideboard

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