Breeze Collection

Rivatelier presents Breeze.

The new dining and living proposals offer an immediate feeling of relax thanks to the light colours of all the furniture of this new collection.

The geometrical legs of the coffee tables play harmoniously with the more curved sides of doors of the sideboard and glass cabinet.

The three-seater sofa boasts a rigorous and elegant aesthetic combined with soft and cosy cushions. The linear profiles are designed for a contemporary and sophisticated atmosphere that dialogues with the understated charm of the collection.

The soft armchair lends the room a timeless elegance.

The dining area is directly connected to the living area giving openness to the room.

With its sophisticated design, the dining table has an important structure that supports the elegant wooden profile top.

The fabric seats feature sinuous and sophisticated contours that create a pleasant contrast to the essential wooden structure, as well as the light blue fabric.

Breeze Collection covers also the night area.

In the sleeping area, a solution with enveloping profiles draws attention; it is the Breeze bed distinguished by a refined chromatic and material harmony. Strict aesthetic and functional principles dialogue with precious tailoring details: a geometric quilting makes the bed comfortable and sophisticated at the same time.

The matching bedside tables, dresser and mirror are coordinated and made in a warm cream-coloured shade with asymmetrical wooden profiles that lend lightness and dynamism to the structure.

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Custom-made Dining Room Set

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