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Who We Are

I am really proud to have carried on the family business, to ha continued the hard work of my father Felice Riva. I am happy to have changed it and to have made it grown year after year.


The change is never easy and only with talent, passion, love, fatigue and a lot of patient you can succeed.


The search of details, the love for perfection and the uniqueness of the design has meant Riva Group the reference point in the furniture luxury market.
These are the fixed points in every piece leaves my companies.


The secret of success is surly continuous innovation and research with the precious touch of the tradition and I will never give up this in my business.


It’s a honor for me to represent the authentic Made in Italy trought my products and my companies.


Francesco Riva


Innovation, Research and Love. Every year a new collection to renew and to dream. Our collections are designed to fulfill your desires and to create that unique harmony that everyone dreams of living in their own home. Open, Discover and Dream.


Our catalogues represent the most beautiful synthesis of our great commitment and our hard work. Every catalogue is studied to facilitate your research and your choice. Open, Discover and Dream.


Renew to grow, research to change and never stop daring and never cease to set new goals to achieve.


We would like to share with you our daily life, we would like to make you participate in our family and we would like to make you feel the warmth of our company.

Discover our group