Luxury Furniture Made in Italy – Tailor Made

This is a rundown of some luxury contemporary projects developed by us for our customers all over the world. Some recent projects using Rivatelier furniture have been developed in major cities such as Dubai, Moscow, London, Beijing, Shanghai and Paris, with our luxury and contemporary furniture completely produced in Italy.

Craftsmanship, tradition and the values of the ‘handmade’ converse with sophisticated textile and stylistic motifs, resulting in solutions that meet all customer requirements. Craftsmanship, sophisticated machinery and the experience of master artisans are able to produce turnkey projects for a Contemporary Home.

In addition to the existing collections, through the experience and the continuous research of Riva Contract, Rivatelier is able to develop any creations based on specific customer requirements in order to design and produce unique and exclusive Furniture.


Luxury Products and Exclusivity – Our Interior Designer are ready to add elegance to your living spaces


All our luxury projects can be completely bespoken according to our elite customers design preferences, and to satisfy their needs we can provide fully custom made furniture, matching decorations, and unique fine materials.

In addition to the furniture for Luxury Interiors, we can provide also customized decorations, such as wall panels, lightings, kitchens, contemporary wardrobes and dressing rooms, and many more, in order to create the perfect best interior architecture design, to let our customers enjoy their best luxury lifestyle.


A selection of Luxury and high end Italian Furniture

We offer unique solutions to all decoration and furniture needs for living spaces.

Style as a synonym for the tradition of classic furniture combined with the constant search for perfection, quality as the foundation of all our projects. Products rich in valued detail that retain a boundless value throughout time. All with the Rivatelier and the “Made in Italy” guarantee. The materials research, the study of trends, the expertise: Rivatelier is the ideal partner to manage all aspects of a furniture projects and meet the customer’s needs.