Riva Lab

The New Talent Workshop

The real challenge of the working future necessarily passes through investment in the new generations.
For many years, Riva Mobili D’Arte and Rivatelier have been betting on the new generations by constantly activating internships and in-house training courses, meetings with first and second grade schools, in search of new talents to be trained and included in the team.
Every year, curricular or extracurricular internships are activated involving different departments, from production to CNC management, from marketing to commercial offices.
“Investing in young people is investing in the future,” says Francesco Riva, founder of Riva Mobili D’Arte, Rivatelier and Cavaliere del Lavoro. “It is a mutual exchange. Thanks to Riva Lab, the old generation trains the new ones by sharing the tricks and experience gained over the years, while the young people, with their enthusiasm, offer new insight and the latest knowledge on new techniques and ways of working.” In the latest months of 2023, two young people, in their early twenties, after an internship with the company, were confirmed and decided to officially join the team.”
Rivatelier continues to believe in and invest in young people!
For information: info@rivatelier.com