Riva Mobili D’Arte

The Italian Luxury Furniture

Since more than twenty-five years, Riva Mobili D’Arte has been a skilful player of classic furniture, creating with flair and uniqueness precious works of art featuring great craftsmanship, a unique design, attention to perfection and meticulous attention to detail.

The company, based in Meda, in the heart of Brianza, the home of design, is known worldwide for its production of high quality Made in Italy furniture.

Riva Mobili D’Arte is a company that, true to its family and artisan tradition, combines a passion for its art with continuous research to create collections of timeless, exclusive, high quality classic furniture.



The entire production, which is typically artisanal, takes place in the factory, which covers an area of over 8,000 square metres and holds most of the processing stages.

Each master craftsman is responsible for his own task and carries out his work with a skill that has been handed down from generation to generation.

All stages of production are carefully attended to, selecting the best materials and essences to guarantee quality and a prestigious result.




The company has about 20 collections for different environments, as well as numerous complementary articles such as carpets, lighting, fabrics and decorative objects for a total look.

In addition to the collections, Riva Mobili D’Arte is able to realise bespoke projects, realising the dreams and desires of its customers: made-to-measure furniture, but also boiserie, flooring, doors with high quality control and extreme flexibility.

Thanks to innovation, research and faithfulness to the brand’s heritage, the style and attention to detail, and the uniqueness of the design, Riva Mobili D’Arte is today a point of reference in the luxury furniture market worldwide.

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