We design and produce handmade wooden furniture by combining the ancient and traditional Italian woodworking knowledge and the contemporary design.

The owner, Francesco Riva recently developed Rivatelier, a new contemporary furniture line designed to decorate the most luxury homes all over the world. He is constantly looking for new ideas and willing to expand his production in the contemporary market, by presenting high quality and customized furnitures.

While Riva Mobili D’Arte is already a long-established brand, Rivatelier is emerging with innovative products in the contemporary style of luxury furniture with great success.


The exclusive use of high quality materials, brass and leather, make the Rivatelier high end furniture unique and valuable over time, which contribute to create a luxury contemporary home design.

Explore our Exclusive Collections Made in Italy

Atena Bronze

Our collection Atena has been completely renewed following the latest trends on modern projects, but always maintaining the distinctive style and highest quality of Riva furniture.

Discover Atena Bronze

Atena White

The precious materials, such as golden brass and fine onyx marble make this collection unique in its style, and well represents the luxury of brand Rivatelier.

Discover Atena White

Ermes Bronze

The bronze tone, with its warm color and soft brightness, is the main feature of the new elegant line for office of collection Ermes, perfect to be integrated in a luxury modern Villa.

Discover Ermes Bronze

Ermes Gold

The Ermes Collection has been created from the eclectic modern style of Francesco Riva in the field of contemporary luxury furniture, suitable to be placed in the most luxury apartments or exclusive VIP villas.

Discover Ermes Gold


The Waves collection is characterized by fine fabrics, high quality materials, and an exclusive contemporary design which takes inspiration from the elegant shapes of the natural wood.

Discover Waves


Classic lines revisited in modern key constitute a perfect interior design inspiration, by creating sinuous shapes and using precious materials for this contemporary chic furniture collection.

Discover Alea

The Italian Luxury Group

Discover all shapes of Made in Italy


The Italian Luxury Group

Discover all shapes of Made in Italy

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